New to Inaturalist - and working to catch up

I've only been on inaturalist for a week, but I've been tuning in to the natural world for quite a while. My laptop holds over 96,000 pictures, probably 95% of which are nature. (I really should not have looked at that number! Digital cameras are awesome, but lead a person to lose all sense of proportion.)

So, I'm loading old (robber fly) and new (pine siskin) stuff in somewhat of a 'stream of consciousness' way. My robber fly posts generated some interest, so I'm hunting up those pictures - but getting distracted as I go.

I'm on my 3rd camera, and this is the 1st one with GPS. The guy who sold it to me advised not using the GPS because it runs down the battery. I thought, fine, I'll remember where I took the pictures anyway. And I do, especially with the more unusual things. A few, though, make me scratch my head, check the date, and look at pictures in the same time frame before I can put it together. Fortunately after a while I got smart, bought more spare batteries, and turned the GPS on.

So: The oldest pictures from my Canon have date and time info, but it doesn't load into inaturalist so I have to put that in manually. The Nikon P510 pictures load the time and date fine; I just have to add location. Same for the early P900 pictures. The most recent pictures (after I turned the P900's GPS on) are so much easier!

I'm glad I joined up. I'm learning so much! People have been nice about correcting my IDs. And I've been able to do the same for a few other folks.

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Jilguerito Pinero (Spinus pinus)




Octubre 2020


Ohio, US (Google, OSM)

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Agosto 2013


This was my first robber and I didn't know what it was at the time. It really freaked me out. It would fly a short distance ahead of me and land facing me as though it was watching me. As I walked forward, it repeated the behavior. I shot off a couple of pictures and got out of there. Afterwards, I read about robber flies that do this around large animals, hoping to catch grasshoppers fleeing as the large animal moves.
Inat suggested Triorla interrupta; the behavior and overall appearance matches and it is seen in that area. I'm not an expert on robbers, so I stayed at a higher level.


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