Trying to key Asteraceae

I'm finding it difficult to key the Asteraceae. I'm using Marin Flora but am finding it difficult. Heads with rays/radiant occur in multiple tribes. For the Senecioneae you have to know details about the pappus - something I don't think I can easily observe via a picture or in the field visually without a magnifying glass. When you go into the Astereae tribe and the ray is not yellow if you don't know if there's a pappus you can't rule out Bellis spp. For others you need to know if there are pappus bristles.

Anyhow there are just way too many genera under Astereae and all it takes is one nebulous detail to miss the whole key.

Earlier I tried keying an interesting Cynareae that was growing on Point Bonita but again it was too difficult to even key the genus for me :-/

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