Fixed battery issue. New observations.

Have been beset with severe battery issues with my phone for the past couple months which finally have been resolved!

Today I took a 29.4 mile ride through Tennessee Valley up the Coastal Trail and over Wolf's Ridge and down towards Rodeo Valley/Bunker Rd.

Since the upper reaches of the Coastal Trail along Wolf's Ridge is pretty remote I tried to make a lot of observations.

GGNRA staff have been clearing/widening trails. I previously noted the widening/clearing of the SCA trail from Conzelman up towards the ridge. The lower reaches of the Coastal Trail from Tennessee Valley heading west towards Wolf's Ridge had also been cleared recently, and today I saw that they managed to clear the trail all the way to the top.

This does make traversing up the trail a lot easier, yet I also feel a little sad because the Castelleja wrightii, Monardella, C. douglassi etc. have been cleared. I did observe some C. douglassi that still remained. Sad to see the Monardellas gone.

However I understand the benefit of clearing the trail and it probably outweighs the impact on plants immediately adjacent to the trail. Hopefully within a couple seasons all the species we love will be flourishing along there again.

Climbing the Coastal Trail from Tennessee up to Wolf's Ridge while walking a road bicycle - and descending the other side towards Rodeo - is challenging but worth the effort :-) Such a glorious, breathtaking, and isolated area that is truly inspirational.

I hope the fact that I'm not the most strong person to be out there on the trail gives hope and inspiration to some. Endurance is way more important than strength.

You can see the full route I took along with scenic photos on my RideWithGPS page:

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