iNat Firsts

A list of genera/species I identified the first observation for on iNaturalist, for personal record-keeping purposes, and to make it easier to rectify errors if needed.

Cestrotus obtusus:
Heteralonia dolichoptera:
Poecilanthrax hyalinipennis:
Pterobates pennipes:
Petrorossia tropicalis:
Ins minas:
Anthrax limatulus:
Nyia harpyia:
Nyia alacer:
Nyia bizona:
Ins ignea:
Sparnopolius coloradensis:
Heterostylum engelhardti: Actually an individual of Triploechus sackenii
Heteralonia corvina:
Conophorus painteri:
Brachydemia: Brachydemia latisoma:
Anthrax gideon:
Chrysanthrax ioptera:
Desmatoneura meridionalis:
Paravilla palliata:
Lordotus divisus:
Geminaria pellucida:
Thevenetimyia magna:
Anthrax cephus:
Adelidea immaculata:
Sosiomyia comata:
Systropus marshalli:
Anthrax pauper:
Acreophthiria egerminans:
Bombomyia acroleuca:
Paravilla floridensis:
Hyperalonia surinamensis:
Exepacmus johnsoni:
Bombylius pulcher:,
Bombylius clio:
Neodiplocampta sepia:
Exoprosopa castaneus:
Exoprosopa mongolica:
Euligyra enderleini:
Exoprosopa perpulchra:
Conophorina: Conophorina bicellularis:
Paratoxophora: Paratoxophora cuthbersoni:
Heteralonia polysticta:
Heteralonia furvalis:
Mancia nana:
Pantarbes megistus:
Pantarbes pusio:

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