We collaborate with a number of different local and international supporters and partners to share data, recruit new naturalists, and generally help get people outside and sharing cool information. Internationally, iNaturalist is supported by several different organizations through the iNaturalist Network.

California Academy of Sciences

The mission of the California Academy of Sciences is to regenerate the natural world through science, learning, and collaboration. iNaturalist has been a department at the Academy since 2014, and a joint initiative with the National Geographic Society since 2017.

National Geographic Society

Since 1888, National Geographic has been supporting bold efforts to illuminate and protect the wonder of our world. The National Geographic Society has jointly owned and supported iNaturalist, along with the California Academy of Sciences, since 2017.

Microsoft AI for Earth

Since 2017, Microsoft has granted us credits to host our servers at Microsoft Azure, and that support has been crucial to our exponential growth since then. We have also used their infrastructure for experiments in machine learning.

Google Maps

Google grants us free access to to their Maps and Places APIs, which allow us to embed Google Maps and Google place searches in iNaturalist products. While these services are free to use for limited applications, Google generally charges for intense usage like ours, so this amounts to a generous donation.

Global Biodiversity Informatics Facility (GBIF)

GBIF is a world-renowned database of biodiversity collections and occurrence data. They compile data from museums all around the world, providing a centralized resource where scientists and resource managers can access millions of records. iNat feeds all its licensed, research-grade observations into GBIF, thereby making this data available to scientists everywhere.

International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN)

The IUCN sets conservation priorities on a global scale. We provide tools for them to help assess species on their Red List, as well as providing primary occurrence data to help them develop these assessments and update their range maps.

Encyclopedia of Life (EOL)

Based on a vision by the preeminent ecologist Ed Wilson, EOL provides curated information about all life on Earth. We've worked closely with EOL in developing our projects and guides functionality, and we continue to provide integration between EOL collections and iNat projects and guides, as well as supplying them with photos from iNaturalist's licensed, research-grade observations.


Calflora is a the premier repository of botanical occurrence and checklist data in California. They integrate certain Research Grade iNaturalist plant observations from California into their database, and we have integrated some of their comprehensive checklists of California plants and conservations statuses into our system. For more about which iNat records Calflora uses, see the iNaturalist dataset description on Calflora.

Atlas of Living Australia (ALA)

ALA aggregates information about Australian biodiversity from a diverse array of sources, including iNaturalist. You can check out our contributions to this amazing site by viewing our data resource page on ALA.

La Fundación Española para la Ciencia y la Tecnología

La Fundación Española para la Ciencia y la Tecnología has supported Spanish partners who have improved the iNaturalist open source software.


CREAF is a public research center in Catalonia (Spain) dedicated to terrestrial ecology, producing knowledge and methodologies for conservation, management, and adaptation of the environment to global change. CREAF has translated the iNaturalist patform and apps to Catalan, Spanish, Basque and Galician, and has also collaborated improving the open source software.

Comisión Nacional para el Conocimiento y Uso de la Biodiversidad (CONABIO)

CONABIO is the founding partner in the iNaturalist Network, a growing number of customized, branded entryways into the central iNaturalist community. They've done an amazing job growing the iNaturalist community in Mexico through NaturaLista.

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