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I've been fascinated by the natural world since before the age of 5. Collected fossils and minerals thru high school, and earned my B.S. in Geology in 1981. Graduate studies in Geology and Remote Sensing took me to Rapid City SD, as well as to Paris and Nice, France. I'm probably the only person in Vermont who's been down more than a mile below the Earth's surface -- down to the 6350' level in the Homestake Gold Mine, in Lead SD, in 1982.

Became interested in Bromeliads and Orchids in the late 1980, and was the founding president of the Twin States Orchid Society, where I specialized in native orchid species; I've seen 17 of Vermont's 45+ species.

I was 'infected' with 'Ornithofilia' in 1994, during a field trip to Plum Island with Mascoma Audubon; birding has been my passion ever since. Birding keeps my body and mind healthy, and while imperfect, my observing skills and bird knowledge is continually on the grow.

In 2012 I began a personal project to bird in all 251 Vermont towns, plus its 4 grants and gores, and to submit an eBird report for each; as of October 2020 I have 19 towns left to do! My project's website and blog are at Enjoy!

Alas, I am a New Englander, and my knowledge is focused on birds, butterflies, and native orchids.

Moving to Texas in 2021 will bring a totally new dimension - and throw me back to a neophyte - to my experiences as a naturalist.

The bumblebee?? This B. perplexus spent 4 days enjoying the speedwell in my garden, back in 2013; I've not seen another one... loved his yellow hair!

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