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I have a AB from U.C. Berkeley in Zoology with an emphasis on vertebrates (when they awarded such a degree), a MS in ecology from the Univ. of Illinois (working on Mohave fringe-toed lizards), and a PhD from U.C. Irvine (physiology and temperature in reptile locomotor performance). I am currently a professor of biology at Irvine Valley College in Orange County, California.

In addition to my academic employment, I have participated in many vertebrate surveys (all terrestrial). In the distant past, I worked extensively on the distribution and ecological correlates of the desert tortoise.

Although I am fascinated by the distribution and adaptations of all wildlife, I am particularly curious about reptiles and amphibians. The attraction to these so-called 'lower vertebrates' began as an undergraduate zoology major at U. C. Berkeley. I arrived too late to enroll in either the mammalogy or the ornithology courses, with their registration lines running down the hall of the old Life Sciences Building. But there was no line for the herpetology course. Fortuitously, I enrolled in the last session this course was taught by Robert C. Stebbins prior to his retirement. It was extraordinary.

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