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NEMA - Novas Espécies Marinhas do Algarve

A citizen science project to increase the scientific knowledge on the distribution of new marine species in the Algarve coast (south Portugal).
We are looking for 3 "groups" of target species:

  • Invasive species (e.g. Callinectes sapidus, Cynoscion regalis, Blackfordia virginica);
  • Species with sub-tropical affinities (e.g. Sparisoma cretense, Thalassoma pavo, Hermodice carunculata);
  • Local species increasing their abundance due to climate change or habitat change (e.g. Lagocephalus sp., Catostylus tagi).

Any other "strange" or out of the usuall for the Algarve, might be of high interest!!

NEMAlgarve is a initiative of the group ECOREACH - Ecology and restoration of riverine, estuarine and coastal habitats, from CCMAR, Algarve University.

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