Ben Phalan

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I am an Irish naturalist and conservation biologist, living in Foz do Iguaçu, Paraná, Brazil.

I like knowing that my records become part of an open-access data repository (GBIF) that helps us understand more about the other species for whom Earth is also home.

I have a good knowledge of European and West African birds, the latter from fieldwork in Ghana and Liberia. I'm building up a pretty good knowledge of Brazilian birds also (outside of the Amazon, at least). Read about an expedition I led to Liberia in search of the Liberian Greenbul here.

I also enjoy learning more about all sorts of other animals, plants and other organisms. I try to be conservative about identifying organisms only to the taxonomic level I'm confident of, but I welcome corrections to any of my IDs.

Most of my recent observations are from the Atlantic Forests and Caatinga of Brazil, but I am slowly adding older observations, especially from Ghana and Liberia. I tend to use iNaturalist primarily for my non-bird observations, and for observations that involve interactions between species.

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