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A few people have asked, so I popped in to check some emails and update this info. I've been dealing with real life stuff the past few months, mostly due to the outrageous cost of living in america. I plan to (hopefully) have more time for research and general scientific work including iNaturalist sometime closer to summer 2024. I may pop in from time to time until then.

I'm here to ID (mostly) marine invertebrates and sleep.

And I'm all out of sleep.

I specialize in Sponges of the Greater Caribbean region, and many other assorted groups from this area. Feel free to contact me regarding any unknown sponges or colorful shrimp from this region.

Any assistance ID'ing the wealth of Sponge observations from Scorpion Reef is greatly appreciated:

I'd greatly appreciate any sponge obs from Gray's Reef, or Flower Garden Banks also. If you're heading there, keep an eye out for any colorful sponges!

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