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I'm a botanist at the Nevada Division of Natural Heritage, a state government agency within the Nevada Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. We're part of the NatureServe network and are responsible for compiling and distributing information on Nevada's rare, threatened, and endemic species. iNaturalist is an incredibly valuable source of information for us on species presence, range, and status.

I care deeply about documenting and conserving plant biodiversity in the Great Basin, Mojave, and Sierra Nevada, and I'm grateful to everyone who has taken the time to submit their observations of Nevada rare plants, as well as the hardworking experts who are active in identifying these species.

You can help us out by joining our projects:

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In particular, it is helpful when people choose to "trust" our projects with their obscured coordinates. Exact locations are essential to our ability to map rare species and incorporate your observations into our databases, which are used in conservation decision-making.

I grew up in Las Vegas and have a BS in Geography from the University of Nevada, Reno. I have worked with plants and wildlife in Nevada (and occasionally adjacent parts of California, Arizona, and Utah) since 2018 for educational and research institutions, nonprofits, and state and federal agencies. I'm especially partial to western Nevada, limestone, and Eriogonum subg. Eucycla.

Please feel free to contact me here or at if you have any questions, concerns, rare plant alerts, or fieldwork invitations!

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