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I’m a young naturalist from mid-coast Maine, lived here all my life. I’m particularly interested in insects, wildflowers, and most of all, birds. Birding is my favorite hobby, and I am proud to say that i’ve encountered over 170 species!

I like to do watercolor paintings of birds that I see, and I also monitor a blue heron colony for the Heron Observation Network of Maine. I hope to go into the science field, probably something to do with Ornithology or Marine Biology. I enjoy walks in my garden, birdwatching, and walking along the beautiful Maine coastline. I specialize in identifying birds and butterflies, and I also run the iNaturalist Project Birds of Maine, which I recommend for anybody visiting or living in Maine that loves birds!

I care very deeply about climate change, and try to do the best I can to live greener, and advocate for the other living things on this planet. We are in the 6th mass extinction of our planet’s history, and it’s time people recognize that we need to do something, before it’s too late.

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