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Gaborone Area has entered the City Nature Challenge 2020. If anyone is locked down in Gaborone or its surrounding villages in April 24-27 2020 and plans to take part in this annual, global competition, please message me and show your support.

Please join this project NOW and find out more about this great fun competition where we join others locked down around the globe to enjoy and document the plants, insects, spiders mammals and birds around and in our lockdown backyards and homes.

This competition is being organised by the Gaborone iNaturalists, Natural History Museum Los Angeles and the California Academy of Sciences.

Please help by spreading the news about the City Nature Challenge 2020 Gaborone competition on social media, introducing others to iNaturalist and promoting backyard bioblitzes in your area like this one.

Message me on iNat for more info about this competition.


Botswanabugs (aka Tony Benn)

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