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A Large Blue Flycatcher which spent a few days around my home in 2021 is what sparked my real interest in birdwatching. Couple years prior to this I was only casually interested. After going after birds for numerous hours in many beautiful natural areas, the exposure to nature increased my interest in all taxa.


Escapee project:

Recording Escapee Birds (Thailand)


If you're interested in the wildlife and nature in and around Bangkok:

Collection projects for best inner-city sites for nature-watching

Benjakitti Park

Teochew Cemetery

Rot fai, Sirikit & Chatuchak Park

Public Relations Department (During bird migration)

Ko Kret, Nonthaburi


Taxon projects

Bangkok Biodiversity Umbrella Project

Bangkok Biodiversity (all)

Bangkok Ants

Bangkok Birds

Bangkok Fish

Bangkok Lepidoptera (Butterflies & Moths)

Bangkok Odonata (Dragonflies & Damselflies)

Bangkok Salticidae (Jumping Spiders)

Bangkok Snakes

Bangkok Testudines (Tortoise & Turtles)


If you want to go and see some wildlife around Bangkok, let me know. * ig * blog

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