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Namaskar, Reader!)
My native lang. is russian, middle - english, कुछ हिंदी, poquito español)
Im graduated in entomology unemployed fanatic of Yellow Pan trapping for para-hymenoptera and small insects Orders .

=5new species (mostly dipteran) already get names by my name or family :0)
Scientific exchange, and long-term collection of your special groups by request are possible.

current mood: 10 clicks at a minimum, if I immediately remember the name, only to open one observation in the filtered stream and correct it or determine it, but I also often identify, check and look for additional sources on the web and collections — more work. So do not ask me to explain something “just like that” without trying to figure it out on your own facilities. On any "bugguides" also sometimes wrong.
If you do not understand that group well, then the best is to immediately withdraw your erroneous ID (as I do too) without confirming mine (as like you know - false "research" levels - for nothing, only pest).

But you can offer paid work with emigration to a good climate closer to field collecting and laboratory sorting work))

Minimal way to scroll my entries: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations?placeid=any&userid=entomokot&verifiable=any

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