A new way to add observations

A New Way to Add Observations

Adding observations to the website can be harder than it has to be, particularly when your photos contain so much useful information before you ever even upload them to the site. That's why we built The uploader makes it super easy to add observations to iNaturalist by allowing you to simply drag and drop photo files from your computer into the browser window, and then trying to extract as much information as possible from the photos themselves so you don't have to enter it manually. If you haven't tried it, give it a shot.

We released the new uploader a few weeks ago, but now we want to go one step further and make the uploader the primary way to add observations to the site. That means linking to the uploader instead of to ...más ↓

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The purpose of this project is to provide students participating in the Ecuador Study Abroad Program at Texas State University a platform for sharing their field observations. The long-term goal is to create a citizen science database of observations for specific sites visited annually. Potentially providing a data source for future analyses by students in the course.

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