Recording sounds for observations on iNaturalist

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Currently, you have to upload your recording to SoundCloud, and then add the recording to the observation online. SoundCloud has a great app that you can use to record sounds with your smartphone, but you can also upload any recording from any device to your SoundCloud account. We hope that sounds will eventually be incorporated into the iNaturalist mobile app, but for now the easiest way to document sounds is with the SoundCloud app.

Suggested steps for adding a sound to an observation:

  1. Sign up for a SoundCloud account:
  2. Download a sound recording app.
    -For Android you can use the Soundcloud App:
    -For iPhone:

  3. ...más ↓
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The purpose of this project is to provide students participating in the Ecuador Study Abroad Program at Texas State University a platform for sharing their field observations. The long-term goal is to create a citizen science database of observations for specific sites visited annually. Potentially providing a data source for future analyses by students in the course.

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