Annika Sivak: Lab 2 Bioblitz- Observations of Leaves on Mont Royal Park

My group investigated leaves on Mt. Royal Park, near the McConnell Arena. I was interested in the unique shapes of the leaves in the area, particularity the wide and evenly lobbed edges of Colt's Foot leaves. I noticed that the Colt's foot leaves looked like lettuce, with the stocks a raw purple colour, while the other leaves I observed were thin with large, uneven lobes or serrated edges. Most of the other leaves were smaller and darker in colour. Each of my observations were found further away from the walking path, against the side of a dirt hill. All of the observations were large and bushy, preferring the shade to the exposed dirt path. The Colt's Foot is a eukaryote in the kingdom Plantae. It belongs to the genus Tussilago, with the species name Farfara. It produces yellow buds in the springtime but grows large shaded leaves during late summer and early fall.

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