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With @tristanlknight having an electronic copy in pdf form of the Atlas of Ontario Mosses, I have started the process of uploading that list into iNaturalist as a checklist.

I believe I read when going through the document it documented 490 species of moss in Ontario, so it will take a little time for me to create the complete checklist (the document is a pdf, so not great for electronic manipulation).

The checklist is here :

The atlas is in the public domain, so if you want a copy of the pdf, I can direct you where to find it, or send a copy.

As always if you know someone who would be interested in the project, be sure to let them know about it, and of course to encourage anyone you know who may have records to contribute to load them up, or join onto iNaturalist.

Happy December-

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Hi Chris:

The NHIC maintains a provincial list for Ontario Mosses, Liverworts and Hornworts. It was last updated in April, 2018. It will have all the new species noted since circa 1990 when the atlas came out, as well as all the new taxonomy (a lot of changes). And, its electronic. That should make the job a lot easier!
or direct link:

Thanks for taking this on,

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That is much easier to work with. All are now loaded, other than the varieties, where the naming standard is different, so I need to deal with those by hand.

I would like to find a way to put in links to other pages with pics, especially for those yet unobserved in iNat, notes etc. I'm really hesitant to do a guide as I know that is deprecated by the iNat team, and they may simply get turned off.

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Wow, amazing. You are much more tech savvy with iNat than I am. So much to learn!

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Something like this is what I am considering doing. It's a little work to put it mildly, but could this be a good resource ? Right now I just did the one species (U. crispa) which is obviously not super rare, but the details could be of value ?

It looks better if you click on the more button.

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your comment on it being a fair amount of work sounds ominous! i normally just google things, or look at the other iNaturalist obs (or use books) so i probably wouldnt use this particular feature.

i just looked at the whole 200 species known from Ontario (mind you, not all are RG, and some could be wrong) and that is super inspiring!

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