Move over Christmas shopping, it’s birding time.

It isn’t a snow field, but rather a field of snow geese.

It’s travel time in the Pacific Flyway, and Butte, Glenn and Tehama counties are smack in the middle of the migrating waterfowl highway. Like holiday travelers, the bird migrate from colder to warmer climates, settling in waterways and empty fields to feed.

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I wish I lived closer to you guys. California seems like such an amazing place to bird.

Publicado por chrisleearm hace 8 meses (Marca)

Yes. I just back from doing the annual Audubon Christmas Bird Count. We got 39 species down at Cabrillo National Monument (a peninsula into to ocean) after 4 hours. Lots of biodiversity in San Diego County alone.

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I live up in Northern Oregon. We get some decent stuff but not the type of stuff I see pop up in California.

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