April 7th - Chironomids are cool

Heyo, fly folk!

Today marks the first installment of our new system. We will NOT be having an organized Zoom workshop tonight, but the meeting room will be open if anyone wants to join (so long as Erika doesn't need her account; I won't be there).

Instead, my goal for you all this week is to make at least 5 identifications on observations currently listed under Axarus in the US/CA: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/identify?order_by=random&place_id=1,6712&taxon_id=247591&lrank=genus

I hope that by next Sunday, that page will have close to 0 obs (187 as I write this). Please identify them to species groups or push them out of Axarus if they aren't such. For uncertain males, feel free to leave them for others to discuss.

You should use this slide deck as a reference: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1dpFfbNdqFitqgefpTKceMofwf8rDXsX5/edit#slide=id.p5

Have fun! Leave comments here or in the forum group chat as you wish.

Join our emailing list if you're not already in it.

Publicado el abril 7, 2024 05:42 TARDE por zdanko zdanko


I look forward to an announcement at the bottom of this comment thread that there are 0 observations... adding my 5 IDs now!

Publicado por edanko hace 3 meses

Of the first 5 I looked at, none of them seemed to actually be Axarus.

Publicado por edanko hace 3 meses


Publicado por zdanko hace 3 meses

Added my 5 IDs

Publicado por mabuva2021 hace 3 meses

This seems like a fun system, thanks Zachary and everyone else!

Publicado por edanko hace 3 meses

Hey y'all sorry I've been away for a while ! I will do my best to make it next meeting

Publicado por mecopteron_bouillon hace 3 meses

Got through 169 obs! Great job everyone.

Publicado por zdanko hace 3 meses

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