April 28th - Diptera Leafminer Annotations

Heyo, fly folk!

We will NOT be having an organized Zoom workshop tonight, but the meeting room will be open if anyone wants to join (so long as Erika doesn't need her account; I won't be there).

SUCCESS My goal for you all this week is to help fix the Evidence of Presence for at least 15 of these observations: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/identify?reviewed=any&quality_grade=any&order_by=random&taxon_id=47822&photos=true&term_id=22&term_value_id=26

This is an attempt to help @michaelpirrello with the process outlined here: https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/50630

To skip past the other stuff, your task is to add Evidence of Presence: Leafmine as appropriate, and disagree with the Evidence of Presence: Track annotation. To do this quickly, you can press the buttons "e" then "l" to add the Leafmine annotation, then click on the thumbs down next to the Track. I'm happy to help troubleshoot if necessary.

We are currently at 2,374 obs.

Have fun!

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Thank you!

Publicado por michaelpirrello hace 3 meses

This effort is now complete. Thanks to everyone who assisted!

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