new Gall Week project

This project is replacing the first one, please join it instead.

(this is an old-school project, where we'll have to manually add observations)
Apologies for the inconvenience!

Publicado por merav merav, 15 de septiembre de 2021


No problem! Thanks for setting this up!

Publicado por naturesarchive hace 6 días (Marca)

I'm confused! Which project to join? Gall Week 2021 or a new one replacing that?

Publicado por major_bombylius hace 3 días (Marca)

@major_bombylius You're in the right project, the one this project replaced has since been deleted.

Publicado por kemper hace 3 días (Marca)

sorry about the confusion. please join this one (I've deleted the other one already).

Publicado por merav hace 3 días (Marca)

Thanks for clarifying!

Publicado por major_bombylius hace 3 días (Marca)

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