Final Results

The Overberg earned 5th place in the overall international GSB and 4th place in the southern Africa GSB. This was Overberg’s first Bioblitz and this outcome is a very exciting! Thanks to all for helping us make 10294 observations of 1897 species!

Overberg Stats:

  • 93 Observers took part
  • Biodiversity species: 75% plants, 11% insects, 6% birds, 2% mammals, 2% spiders, 1% fungi, 1% mollusks
  • 54% of observations obtained research grade
  • 9% of species were of threatened species
  • an average of 20 species p. observer

You can see all the final results here:

Publicado el noviembre 15, 2022 04:31 TARDE por c_brunke c_brunke


9% threatened is an interesting slice

Publicado por dianastuder hace más de 1 año

Well done Overberg! This is incredible. We are closing the gaps on the Overberg iNat Map.

Publicado por grantforbes hace más de 1 año

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