Celebrate E.O. Wilson's 91st Birthday. Give the Gift of Species Data

“It’s always been a dream of mine, of exploring the living world, of classifying all the species and finding out what makes up the biosphere.” - Edward O. Wilson

In honor of Edward O. Wilson’s 91st birthday and in celebration of his lifelong commitment to species conservation, we ask you to do something simple, enjoyable, and beneficial for the planet. Go outside today, head to a park or a nearby wooded area, or just go into your backyard and collect species data. Then, share this data with the Half-Earth Project in Ed’s honor.

“Each project is special unto itself. Each requires knowledge and love of the local environment shared by partnerships of scientists, activists, and political and economic leaders. To succeed, it needs every bit of their entrepreneurship, courage, and persistence.” - Edward O. Wilson

Every observation makes a difference. Be a part of the Half-Earth solution. Celebrate Edward O. Wilson’s birthday with a gift of data to the Half-Earth Project. Protect species. Protect the planet.

Want to do more?
Sign the Half-Earth Pledge: https://www.half-earthproject.org/pledge
Join us for the Half-Earth: Our Planet's Fight for Life Book Club or give $91 for 91: https://www.half-earthproject.org/

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