November Summary

The month of November is over and I'm sad to say we are one month away from closing this project down and it's finished. If you've enjoyed it as much as I have, let me know and I may think about doing a breeding season count. Here's the summary for the month.

Top Five Species Observed (Overall):
Red-tailed Hawk -- 326 obs
American Kestrel -- 60 obs (+2 spots)
Swainson's Hawk -- 48 obs (-1 spot)
Great Horned Owl -- 45 obs (+1 spot)
Cooper's Hawk -- 43 obs (-2 spots)

Top Five Species Observed (November):
Red-tailed Hawk -- 116 obs
Rough-legged Hawk -- 27 obs (first time in Monthly Top 5)
American Kestrel -- 25 obs
Bald Eagle -- 20 obs (first time in Monthly Top 5)
Northern Harrier -- 19 obs

Total Species Overall: 29 species (+3)
Total Species November: 18 species (+3 from last month)

Top 5 Observations Submitted: @birdwhisperer 280 obs, @peterolsoy 192 obs and @cgates326 101 obs, @masonmaron 67 obs and @jnelson 37 obs
Top 5 Most Species: peterolsoy 18 species, cgates326 18 species, birdwhisperer 18 species, masonmaron 9 species and @nightjar09 8 species

Species Still Not Observed: White-tailed Kite, Broad-winged Hawk, Barn Owl, Flammulated Owl, Snowy Owl and Spotted Owl

Counties Still Needing Observations: 3 in OR -- Gilliam, Morrow and Wheeler

What to Expect in December: This is last month so I want the project to go out in a bang. We have 5 species that are "expected" in our search zones but we already know we've lost our chance at seeing a Broad-winged Hawk or Flammulated Owl. Though a Broad-winged Hawk was observed in Asotin County, WA last December, doesn't mean it will happen again. Spotted Owls will be incredibly difficult to find along with White-tailed Kites east of the Cascades. I am fairly shocked Barn Owls haven't been photographed/found yet as I find them one of the more common species. My lack of finding them has nothing to do with it. :P

Anyway here's what to expect. Snow will keep raptors in the same general area so keep your eyes open for similar looking hawks. A few days ago I found a Northern (abieticola) x Western (calurus) Red-tailed Hawk in Union Co, OR, so obviously seeing an odd-ball Red-tailed is not out of the question yet. @peterolsoy has proven that Gyrfalcons have returned to at least Asotin despite my envy and disbelief, so keep your eyes open for large pale falcons and don't confuse them for Prairie Falcons and have an embarrassing moment like I did this January. The Columbia River Basin will provide a great opportunity to see a Black Merlin (F. c. suckleyi) but remember that female Taiga Merlins (F. c. columbarius) can be incredibly similar. If you are anywhere in Washington, this is the month to find a Snowy Owl. I have found them in Walla Walla, Yakima and Spokane but can be anywhere in the basin.

A final note, on Friday, December 20th is the IPNRM field trip and I have sent a message to those that are members of the project and others I would like to attend. I have not received any word however if invited persons can attend nor have I received preferred departure times. If you are planning on attending, please get back with me as soon as possible. If you have not received an invitation or lost it, I will resend to you if you forward me a message. Good luck hawkwatchers!

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