Welcome to our iNaturalist project! We are the Nova Scotia Invasive Species Council (NSISC), and we aim to raise awareness and promote a coordinated response to the threat of invasive species in Nova Scotia. Our Steering Committee is comprised of volunteers from a variety of academic, government, and non-government organizations. The NSISC builds on the experience of the former Invasive Species Alliance of Nova Scotia (ISANS), which was based at Acadia University from 2007-2012. The NSISC is a recognized provincial chapter of the Canadian Council on Invasive Species.

As a member of this project you are a community scientist, and a valuable asset to the NSISC. You’re probably wondering, what is a community scientist and how do I fit into this role? A community scientist, or citizen scientist is a member of the general public, who helps scientists by contributing to research projects. When you report an invasive species to our iNaturalist project, you become part of the citizen science community.

Community scientists are important members of the science field, as they play a key role in broadening research projects. They are valuable to the NSISC because they help identify new invasive species that may be established in Nova Scotia. Thus far, we have 74 species that have been identified in our iNaturalist project and over 4000 observations have been reported.

We will be featuring a new species in each journal entry to provide our valued members with a better understanding of the species they have been reporting. We thank you for your observations and for contributing to the NSISC iNaturalist project.

If you are interested in learning more about the NSISC you can check out our website- http://nsinvasives.ca/ or subscribe to our email list to receive our quarterly newsletter: info@nsinvasives.ca

Are there any species that you would like to see featured in our journal? Let us know in the comments!

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