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28 de abril de 2020

Conversion of the "Mammalia Luxembourg" project to a collection project


Due to the availability of new features for iNaturalist projects we have now converted this project (Mammalia Luxembourg) from a “traditional” to a “collection” project. This to make sure that the project automatically includes all relevant observations without needing a high amount of maintenance.
This means that now you no longer need to add your observations actively to this project, any observation matching the project's criteria will now be added automatically.


  • Belongs to Mammalia
  • Is not “captive or cultivated”
  • Has been observed in Luxembourg

Adding annotations

This change, however means that you no longer have the possibility to add the annotation fields “dead or alive” and “number of individuals” while adding the observation to the project.
Both fields (and more) can however easily be added using iNaturalist‘s web platform.
The field “dead or alive” can also be added using the app! After creating the original observation it is possible to add annotations to the observation,. The choice of annotation fields is adapted to the taxonomy of the observation (ex. “dead or alive”, “life stage” and “sex” for animals).

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26 de enero de 2018

Sharing your observations with the community at GBIF

For those of you who want to make sure their observations are shared with the scientific community at GBIF.org.

Be aware that only observations with photos and which have obtained the "research grade" are automatically transmitted to GBIF by iNaturalist.

Also consider changing the license of your observations and photos. A too strict license e.g. "all rights reserved" prohibits the sharing and use of your observations by the community. Only observations having CC0, CC BY, or CC BY-NC licenses will be share with GBIF. If you want to know more visit this post.

To chance the licenses you use, go to your profile settings and customize your licenses by choosing one of the many possibilities offered by Creative Commons.

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29 de mayo de 2017

Guide to the mammals of Luxembourg

Here a link to a small GUIDE of the mammals commonly found in Luxembourg.


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