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Hi everybody!! Sorry I haven't been on in forever I have just been staying offline a lot and totally forgot that that also included iNaturalist. I haven't stopped going outdoors and taking pictures so I will try to upload some of the pictures that I have taken recently and share them with you all. I have also been doing the classes online, the one on shorebirds and I am taking the World of Insects class every Thursday and I was thrilled to see some familiar names signed up as well. Probably the most exciting thing I have seen recently was a very friendly beaver at Lake Dennison and a lot of turkeys and their little babies which are called poults. I want to start being on here more often and would love if all of us could continue sharing about we are doing just in case some of us miss Jane's Zoom sessions every month and I am sure we won't be able to recall all we have done in a entire month. I think it would be great if we started requesting posts on a certain subject and someone who knows a little about it could make one. I would be willing to start if anyone wants to know anything about birds or frogs or someone just wants to throw something at me to see what I know.
I hope you are all doing well and I am looking forward to the Zoom meeting coming up!!

Sending love,

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Hi Johanna! I'd love to have you share some knowledge about birds AND frogs. I see frogs all the time in the wetlands, and I don't know how to tell the difference between a bullfrog and other types of frogs, and I'd like to learn about their behaviors.

I am hosting a monthly zoom session so we can all share our naturalist experiences. The next one is Tuesday, Aug 4 @7pm. Contact me if you want to join - zupan.jane@gmail.com. I will be sharing another weasel sighting. :)

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@janezupan I will be glad to!! I am sorry i was unable to join, my power went out.

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