Today, American Mosquito Control Association (AMCA) Webinar

Hi mosquito catchers,

We have garnered national attention at conferences and as a result, I was invited to give an online webinar featuring the Mosquitoes in Hawai`i project.

I covered the project focusing in on how mosquito vector professionals can use iNaturalist to collaborate with their communities and scale expertise with the social and machine learning aspects of the platform.

So let's welcome any new participants collecting mosquito observations anywhere as they make new records and to help with IDs!

Thanks to your hard work!

All the best,


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Thank you for entering observations of mosquitoes in Hawai’i using iNaturalist! Hawaii is home to six invasive mosquito species. By adding observations to this project you will be helping document where and when these species are found across the islands. You may also help catch a newly arriving species before it has time to spread! Ultimately information about the distribution and ...más ↓

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