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I've decided to restrict this project to North Carolina, and to be true to its intention (to monitor "collateral damage") to exclude the target species in this area, the Fall Cankerworm, Alsophila pometaria. I struggled with this decision at the outset, but as it's sorting out I think that if the project has any value in the long run, it will be in providing background information on the specific problem of using tree bands in North Carolina to control cankerworms. I'll let others tackle the issue where bands are used to control Gypsy Moths and Spotted Lanternflies.

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The goal of this project is to document all non-target arthropods that become trapped in tree bands in North Carolina. I recently inspected trees in Charlotte where bands are put up to trap wingless Fall Cankerworm females (Alsophila pometaria) as they climb trunks in late fall and early winter. I counted the first 500 arthropods I saw and tallied just 2 cankerworms! Of course, this ...más ↓

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