launch of iMapInvasives 3.0!

Hello everyone,

The iMapInvasives database has greatly benefited from your contributions through iNaturalist, and as an important part of our invasive species network I wanted to invite you all to explore the new iMapInvasives 3.0 which officially launched last week! I also wanted to let you know that I will not be able to upload your iNaturalist sightings to iMapInvasives for some weeks, as the admin upload tools are still in development. If you think you've found a high priority invasive species, you can report it to the Oregon Invasive Species Hotline to get directly in touch with invasive species managers.

iMapInvasives 3.0 is a complete update to the previous platform, and now allows users to report invasive species throughout the US and Canada. The new site is completely responsive to mobile devices so you can peruse data and create records on your smartphone or tablet. Our ...más ↓

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Oregon iMapInvasives provides an on-line, GIS-based data management system to assist citizen scientists and natural resource managers working to protect natural resources from the threat of invasive species. We collate data from a variety of sources (such as iNaturalist!) to build a statewide picture of invasive species locations and management actions.

Drawing from the ...más ↓

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