April 6, 2021 - North side

April 6, 2021 (Tuesday), 2:30-3:50pm

27 dead newts (0 juveniles), no live newts.
2 dead fence lizards, one of which may be juvenile; 1 dead (ground?) squirrel

Weather: Warm, mid 70s, clear, has been dry for way too long.

Traffic: 43 moving vehicles, 11 parked, 1 quarry truck, 8 bicycles, 0 pedestrians

Two cyclists passed twice. The first time, one shouted "newts for lunch!", the second time he shouted "Newt Gingrich!"

And I see that HTH's setups are gone.

Publicado el abril 7, 2021 03:37 MAÑANA por newtpatrol newtpatrol


Dang, it's unfortunate the HTH surveys don't go through April, they're missing a lot of data. It's kind of interesting that there were less dead newts on the north side vs the south side this time. Wonder if the newts move differently or traffic patterns vary depending on time of year or what else might be going on there.

Publicado por tyap hace alrededor de 3 años

@tyap, another thought... this is just an impression - we'd have to check the data to see if it holds water... but I have the impression that there are more T. granulosa on the south side. I wonder if their migration patterns are different from T. torosa?

Publicado por truthseqr hace alrededor de 3 años

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