The Mount Kenya Potto is a Subspecies of the Eastern Potto Perodicticus ibeanus

Publication by: Thomas M. Butynski & Yvonne A. de Jong, Eastern Africa Primate Diversity and Conservation Program, Lolldaiga Hills Research Programme, Nanyuki, Kenya
In: Primate Conservation 2017 (31):

The Mount Kenya potto is currently considered a subspecies of the western potto (i.e., Perodicticus potto stockleyi). We argue that the Mount Kenya potto is a subspecies of the eastern potto (i.e., Perodicticus ibeanus stockleyi). This subspecies has not been observed alive for 79 years, and is assessed on the 2017 Red List as Critically Endangered (Possibly Extinct). We indicate priority field sites in which to search for P. i. stockleyi.

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Hi Yvonne, I've made the necessary changes to reflect IUCN's current concept of Potto taxonomy:

Transferring ssp stockleyi from P. potto to P. ibeanus will be easy once recognized by IUCN. It seems that the assessment of stockleyi as 'Critically Endangered' hasn't been published on the IUCN Red List website, right?

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Thanks Jakob! The publication of the Perodicticus ibeanus and P.i. stockleyi assessments have been delayed indeed (among many other African primate assessments). Not sure when the updated assessments will be published exactly but can let you know.

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After posting the article on the PSG website., we were kindly informed by John Hart of the need for an adjustment to the distribution map, Figure 1.
The Central Potto, P. edwardsi, extends east of the Congo River to the left bank of Lualaba River. In the previous version, we had it extending east only to the Congo River.
P. ibeanus occurs east occurs from the right bank of the Lualaba.

The new version of the article has now been posted, open access, on the IUCN SSC Primate Specialist Group website, and is attached here.

Publicado por dejong hace más de 4 años (Marca)

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