BioBlitz Wrap-up and Pollinator Challenge

June has come and gone, and that brings us to July. A lot has happened in the last month. The Runge Biodiversity Project has surpassed 5,000 observation, 1,300 species, and has over 100 observers and members. June was also the biggest month in the short history of the project with 59 observers making 926 observations. And, most importantly, Runge Nature Center held its first ever BioBlitz on June 21st and 22nd, which led to all of these milestones.

During the event, which attracted over 500 people, more than 800 observations were made resulting in over 450 species of plants, animals, and fungi being reported in 24 hours. The event was a huge success, judged not merely by the number of people in attendance or species recorded, but by the quality of the experience. Thirty passionate and enthusiastic experts led 29 excursions, helping connect our participants with Missouri's forest, fish, and wildlife by exploring the life that calls Runge home. In addition, 17 Runge volunteers helped to support the experts and Runge staff, and meet the needs of the public. This program was a success because of these fine folks and all that participated in the event. The species list for this event can be found at :

Pollinator Challenge

Explore flowers and pollinating insects during this month's Runge iNaturalist Challenge. Make five pollinator or flowering plant observations using the iNaturalist app, then add those observations to the "Runge Biodiversity Project" before uploading. Once you have made your five observations stop at the front desk, share your observations with our Runge staff, and receive a free Peterson's First Field Guide and a miniature butterfly net

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