Runge Nature Center Reopening and Summer Pollinator Observation Challenge

Runge Nature Center will once again be opening its doors to the public starting Tuesday, July 7th. Visitors will be asked to practice social distancing, and it is recommended (not required at this time) that guest wear masks while in the building. Restrooms will be open, but all drinking fountains have been turned off, please come prepared. In order to keep you safe, staff will be practicing social distancing, wearing masks, and sanitizing the facility multiple times a day. Nature center hours are 8 am - 5 pm Tuesday through Saturday, and 8 am - 8 pm on Thursdays.

Summer is upon us, and with it comes bold, blooming prairie flowers, beautiful pollinating insects, and a new observation challenge. Observe four pollinators and/or flowering plants using the iNaturalist app, then add those observations to the "Runge Biodiversity Project" before uploading. Once you have made your observations stop at the front desk, share your observations with our Runge staff, and receive a free insect field guide and butterfly net. Don't forget to share your favorite observations using Instagram - #RungeBiodiversityProject. Get out, explore, and observe at Runge this summer!

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