Species and ecosystems

In 2020, Canada adopted the Pan-Canadian Approach to Transforming Species at Risk Conservation. In doing so, Canada has shifted from a single-species conservation approach to an approach targeting multiple species and ecosystems. As part of this approach, eleven priority places have been targeted for conservation including Southwest Nova Scotia, or Kespukwitk, one of the seven traditional districts of Mi’kma’ki.

Our iNat competition involves the nine municipalities that are in Kespukwitk today: Annapolis, Argyle, Barrington, Clare, Digby, Lunenburg, Queens, Shelburne, and Yarmouth. This year’s bioblitz will run for 2 weeks. Participants may participate in group activities or they may venture out on solo explorations. People of all ages are encouraged to get outdoors and explore the area and to share observations of wildlife.

The real objective of the bioblitz is to highlight the biodiversity that is all around us! How many species can participants find? How many ecosystems can people explore?

To view observations posted to iNat that fall within the Kespukwitk not filtered by date or season click here.

To view species observed during the 1st Kespukwitk Municipal iNaturalist Competition (2020) click here.

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