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Update from WOLF Program Coordinator at Little Basin

Hi Carrie,

I am so excited to hear about this! It will definitely be great to increase the observation data for Little Basin on iNaturalist, and I look forward to knowing what is found out.

We are very interested in any amphibians found, such as frogs, salamanders, and newts. And I do know that there are some rare species of plants, such as certain orchids, and a newly discovered albino redwood! I would love to hear about what types of organisms you find, especially any rare sights.

As for Field Guides, I recommend The Law's Field Guide to the Sierra Nevada, and Plants of the Coast Redwood Region. We also use Sibley Bird Guide, and Petersons Insect Guide. Pocket Naturalist also makes a good Track Guide, if you wanted to ID any animal tracks as well.

I am so happy that Synapse has added to the Little Basin Geocache Hunt, and now will be helping contribute to known species at the park as well! Thank you

Please let me know if you ...más ↓

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Very few observations have been recorded at Little Basin on iNaturalist. We are working on creating a species list, and seeing how those species change during the different times of the year we visit Little Basin. For each trip we would like to track our group's contributions, see who made the most observations, found the most species, etc., and then compare those bioblitzes to each ...más ↓

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