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Nature is full of surprises. This past week I’ve been amazed with all the wildlife that I saw out and about despite the bouts of snow and bone-chilling cold. Just the other evening on my drive home from work, I saw a muskrat skittering across the road. Although they don’t hibernate in the winter, they mostly remain in their shelters unless disturbance or winter conditions require them to move. It makes me wonder what inspired this one to cross a road high up on a hillside instead of staying indoors. This experience was a great reminder to me that you can have interesting wildlife encounters at any point in your day, even when you’re not exactly expecting it. As always, be sure to record your neat sightings on iNaturalist so that they can help others develop a clearer picture of wildlife in your area!

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Most of us who add observations to iNaturalist do so in the hopes of contributing valuable information to biodiversity research and ...más ↓

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How many species occur in Vermont? You’d think we’d know this for a small state steeped in a rich tradition of naturalists. But, the simple answer is, no one really knows. Introducing the Vermont Atlas of Life project at iNaturalist. Help us discover, map and monitor life across Vermont.

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A collaborative project managed by the Vermont Atlas of Life at the Vermont Center for Ecostudies.

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Join us at a lecture or a meet up for a field trip! We are constantly adding new events for naturalists to get together.

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Even the most confident naturalists need some help identifying flora and fauna. That's why we compiled this list of helpful resources.


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