Ethan A.

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I'm an avid explorer and photographer of birds, and when I'm not at school, I'm either on this computer or taking pictures of birds outside. I mostly focus on birds and tree mammals, but I also sometimes find other photo worthy animals that I take pictures of. I just discovered iNaturalist about a month ago, but am really excited to post my findings here. I go to the school that @swampy teaches at, and we have a lot of fun. Although, less than 30% of my observations come from school outings. I am mostly at my house, sitting down in my back yard on my deck waiting for birds to come. For me, there is something very tranquil about sitting on a lawn chair, watching the leaves wave and waiting for other signs of life to show up at my door. It is most certainly one of the best experiences in nature that I've had. All in all, I don't agree that you have to go to some big-league nature resort to find life. Just walk outside and explore.

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