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I am an amateur botanist born in Peru, and I like to study and know the species surrounding me. It's really amazing how many species "appear" around you when you take a closer look. Never imagined so many things here!

I've been before on iNat, but back then I had little experience on how this worked. Now, thanks to this amazing experience, I can share the wonders of my homeland with the rest of the world!

My personal project is to help the flora and fauna around me to be known and preserved, as they should be. A more concrete one right now is to make a Flora of the dry Equatorial Forest of Northern Peru and Southern Ecuador, which has been little studied. I'm kind of versed on the species there, but I keep finding newer things!

My main interest is currently on the Amarylidaceae family in Peru and Ecuador (if you have something to ID from there, please let me know!). I'm looking forward in becoming a professional on what I like, discovering new species and helping build more and more knowledge for the world.

También hablo español! El inglés es mi segunda lengua, y se me da muy bien... y esto me ayuda a proseguir con mis investigaciones.

¡Feliz de conocerte!/Glad to meet you!

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