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Febrero 19, 2023 a las 03:39 MAÑANA EST


Please help me identify this animal I believe to be a cougar. Pictures were caught in front of my house on my security camera at 3:39 am. I have video as well (see link below). I uploaded some prints of tracks in my yard but I am not an expert so I don't know if these are from this or another animal. These are only a couple of the pictures of tracks taken. I believe he was in my backyard as well as the front based on potential tracks as well as my dog's reaction to scents in the back yard in the morning. It looked like he walked down the driveway on hard ice but these prints could belong to him.

I have uploaded video to utube for viewing on this link:


Gato Doméstico - Photo (c) Von.grzanka, algunos derechos reservados (CC BY-SA)
Identificación de nature_darling: Gato Doméstico (Felis catus)
Añadido el 02 diciembre 2023


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