463.OOGTV Groeten uit Groeningen afl 6: Drentsche Aa

se: https://butterfly-monitoring.net/site...

  • Laufen meeting eBMS 2022 - BCE 02/12/2022
    Second day of the Laufen meeting 2022, on Friday 2nd of December 2023. This video is the recorded online meeting where you can watch the sessions done during the day with different presentations and talks.

    You can find the pdf of the presentations on the BCE website - Laufen 2022

  • Butterfly Indicators- Chris van Swaay in the Slovenia Workshop

    In 6th of April 2022, BCE together with Slovenia BMS did a workshop for Slovenian volunteers to encourage and continue monitoring butterflies.

    Chris van Swaay gave a talk about butterfly indicators produced by eBMS (European Butterfly Monitoring Scheme) and BCE. In this talk, he explained how the data collected in the thousand of different transects in Europe is processed for calculating the butterfly indicators of Europe and from them the selected species for different type of Indicators, like the Butterfly Grassland Indicator.

    You can download the Technical Report- Butterfly Indicators 1990 - 2018 from which Chris based his presentation in the following link: https://butterfly-monitoring.net/site...

    For more information, questions or doubt contact to info@bc-europe.e

  • OOGTV Groeten uit Groeningen afl 6: Drentsche Aa
    In deze zesde aflevering van Groeten uit Groeningen zitten we in het Nationaal Park Drentsche Aa. We bezoeken één van de ambassadeursprojecten van Groeningen, het Voedselbos in Glimmen waar ze niet alledaagse planten kweken/laten groeien. Ook zien we hoe het voormalig grasland van Land van Ons in drie jaar tijd is veranderd in een akkerland met veel diversiteit aan gewassen. En we krijgen een uitgebreide rondleiding op het Waterbedrijf Groningen in de Punt. Want ons drinkwater, dat komt uit de Drentsche Aa.

  • Hendrik de Waard Nuclear fusion - the power that fuels the sun - a CO2-free"
    Nuclear fusion - the power that fuels the sun - is a promising approach to obtaining a CO2-free, safe and continuous energy source. For decades researchers have tried to make nuclear fusion happen on Earth, but the ideal fusion reactor does not exist… yet. In this year’s Hendrik de Waard Lecture, Josefine Proll will share recent developments in nuclear fusion.

    This lecture is organised by the Hendrik de Waard Foundation in collaboration with Studium Generale Groningen. The Hendrik de Waard Foundation was founded after the retirement of the late professor of physics Hendrik de Waard in 1987. Annually, the foundation organises a lecture to inform and intrigue the general public about recent developments in science.

  • https://sggroningen.nl/lezing-serie/kenniscafe-groningen

  • https://cassyni.com/s/ecology-and-evolution
    Please give the R package a try and let us know how it works for you and your data. https://github.com/EWTekwa/Richness The functions also calculate bootstrapped confidence intervals around estimators!

  • DragonflyWatch: The National Dragonfly Recording Scheme entoLIVE webinar is now live via the link below. The blog includes a recording of the presentation as well as a transcription of the Q&A with Ellie Colver, a list of literature references and any relevant useful links.


    Please do feel free to share this on social media and with anyone that you think may find it of interest. And, of course, please log your journeys and insect splats via the Bugs Matter app to help us build a bigger and more robust dataset!

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    20/07/23 Rarities in Arachnology: Finding and Recording Rare Spiders in Britain
    24/07/23 Streams To Spiders: How Aquatic Insects Interconnect Our Ecosystems
    27/07/23 Mass Marine Die-offs: Searching for the Cause of These Events in Northeast England
    31/07/23 Disguised By Difference: Phenotypic Polymorphism As A Means Of Camouflage
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