2022 Goals and trips

Goals for this year, as time allows -

  • Further exploration of Ohio's gall fauna.

Priorities include:
Extensive sampling of hickories for Phylloxera species in the spring.

Sampling of post oak sites in spring for early galls on that species, definitely the Darby Plains sites and hopefully including an Adams County trip as well.

Extensive sampling of willows and Populus species for various galls, especially in NE Ohio, NW Ohio and the Miami River wetlands. Interested in more data on which Pemphigus, Euura and Rabdophaga species are found in Ohio.

Clermont county trip to find sugar hackberry population there and document any galls found.

Trip to Compass Plant SNP to look for Antistrophus sp galls.

Continue to look for native rose sites for Diplolepis galls, esp in areas outside of NE Ohio

Collection of more previously undescribed species

  • Daily (ish) monitoring of local sites for gall phenology "what appears when", as well as abundance for various locally available species
  • Continue traveling to Ohio grassland sites to update the status of sites listed in Cusick and Troutman, 1979. See google map: https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=1H9nZjlmfNgVPIPGNZv57dkC8LM7iid6M&usp=sharing
  • Continue to survey for rarer Ohio oak species - Post Oak, Blackjack Oak, Southern Red Oak in particular in counties that I have missed in the past - Meigs, Gallia, Lawrence and maybe Monroe. Perhaps the more well-traveled Hocking and Athens counties as well that I have skipped in recent years due to crowds.
  • Hit every Ohio county that I have yet to travel to: Extreme NW (WIlliams, Defiance, Fulton), SW (Preble, Clermont, Brown), Extreme S (Meigs, Lawrence, Gallia) and random E (Trumbull, Jefferson, Monroe)


  • Spring - North and central Florida. Document spring galls on various oak species not present in Ohio.
  • Summer - Central Illinois and Iowa prairie tour including Iowa post oak sites.
  • Summer/fall - Quick weekend return trip to central KY to look for Celticecis galls, west to Posey County, IN to document extreme northern edge of overcup oak and sugar hackberry gall species in S. Indiana/NC KY.
  • Birthday trip - Mississippi delta - Tennessee, Arkansas and Mississippi, hopefully, undersampled areas. Particularly interested in Overcup oak, sugar hackberry and bald cypress sites.
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Seems like a great plan! Galls are so fun.
I'm from Quebec. I am going to search for galls as soon as I can. I would be happy to document Quebec's gall fauna so please tell me if there is anything you would like me to keep an eye open for. :)

I wish you cool discoveries!

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@sabacon Thanks! Here are some galls that could use some more eyes in Quebec:
Galls on willows (Euura and Rabdophaga) and Populus (Pemphigus, Harmandiola)
Galls on Spiraea, such as:
...And if you are aware of any old cultivated Quercus robur (English Oak) trees I would be curious if you could find and of the European gall species on them. There are examples of two that have only been reported on one tree in Quebec, and I would be curious if they are more widespread in the province:

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@calconey - Your schedule looks well organized and ambitious. I look forward to seeing your observations. I spent some time in the Pearl River and bayou area of Mississippi many years ago, and it was quite rewarding. Bald cypress swamps and Sarracenia flava in nearby pine swamps were good memories. Hope you can arrange to visit.

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I'm afraid to actually write my plan down, but you have given me some motivation! I also want to look for Antistrophus sp galls and a hundred other things that I might actually see if I had a calendar to keep reminding me. So much to follow up on!

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