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Hi all,
I got enough responses from the last post I think it will be worth setting something up here. We are from all corners of the state, so I am thinking to meet roughly in the middle this time, as I suggested in the other post in the Darby Plains area of Madison/Union/Franklin county.
Here is some natural history of the area, if anyone is interested:

Basically I am thinking of a couple of prime gall spots and possibly a couple of prairie remnants later in the day if anyone would be interested in that (lots of galls there too, some found very rarely elsewhere).

I am thinking September 16, 2023, starting at ~1:00pm (open to other suggestions on time and date, trying to be late enough to include people, but early enough that most galls will still be around). I am thinking the first stop will be Pastime Park in Plain City OH, a very nice oak and hackberry spot.

Stops may include, depending on timing/interest, most of these are within 15-20 minutes of each other:
Pastime Park, Plain City, OH - white/bur/post oak and hackberry
Westwood Park, West Jefferson, OH - the best post oak gall site in the state
Batelle-Darby Creek Metropark, Georgesville, OH - oaks and hickories
Pearl King Prairie State Nature Preserve - Rosedale, OH - If I can get a permit
Smith Cemetary Prairie SNP - Plain City, OH
Milford Center Prairie SNP - Milford Center, OH
Bigelow Prairie SNP - Chuckery, OH
Map with pins:

Open to suggestions here as well, if anyone thinks there would be a better spot for gall or centrality reasons, or if there is a site in this area that everyone is interested in visiting.

Feel free to invite anyone who may be interested, this will be open to all. Open to people from other states as well, if you happen to be in the area or want to make the trip. Are there any suggestions for making an event invite that I can share? Is a Facebook or Google Calendar event still the easiest/best way to that or is there something better?

@cladonia_chris @edisoncigany @erin2003 @lo-am @schurchin @whateverwatcher
@chelsealynne @rogue_biologist @srmyers @rcurtis @bunnymom20 @greenscenery @kristendiesburg

Edison, I will make up a little flyer that you can share with your clubs, once I am 100% on the details.


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I'm in! The Westwood Park site sounds awesome. @schurchin care to join me?

Publicado por cladonia_chris hace 8 meses

September 16 - I'm in!
@darth_schrader @gray-jay @wetlandfan @jessicalowery Any interest?

Publicado por whateverwatcher hace 8 meses

Thank you for putting this together, and for sharing the nice list of places to visit. I've put it on the calendar!

Publicado por darth_schrader hace 8 meses

Sounds fun! I'm a maybe. @whateverwatcher

Publicado por jessicalowery hace 8 meses

I'm in! @lindseyboaz if you are able to join too

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Hey all! The 16th is almost here and I'm looking forward to it. Is anyone interested in meeting up at the same park at any particular time? Pastime Park at 1pm was suggested but I'd like to verify.

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@kristendiesburg I am still planning on doing this although I have dropped the ball on communication here as we have gotten close to the event... so hopefully a couple people can make it, I will make a reminder post later on tonight.

Publicado por calconey hace 5 meses

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