Ohio Gall Meetup Reminder/Update

I apologize for the lack of communication on this as we now are super close to the date, and this will now be last minute for most folks (unless you already had it on your calendar).

I am planning to be at Pastime park in Plain City at 1pm on Saturday (16th), specifically at the parking lot that is pinned in the in the following map (its kind of a big place):

The destinations on the map are probably overly ambitious but we will try for at least

  1. Pastime Park
  2. Smith Cemetery Prairie
  3. Westwood Memorial Park
  4. Battelle Darby Creek Metropark (near the pin on the map)

tagging those interested on the original post and the more detailed one.
@cladonia_chris @edisoncigany @lo-am @whateverwatcher @srmyers @rcurtis @bunnymom20 @kristendiesburg @darth_schrader

We will hunt for some galls, and I will likely do a little bit of gall education along the way as well (biology/ecology and identification tips). Bring any burning gall questions that you may have!

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Oh dang :/ I somehow missed a bunch of notifications for the original post and will not be able to attend.

Publicado por bunnymom20 hace 5 meses

Today's walk was awesome. Thanks a million for organizing this and showing us so much cool stuff!

Publicado por whateverwatcher hace 5 meses

@drink_more_water I will tag you in the post when I make a decision for next years meetup.

Publicado por calconey hace 5 meses

Sounds good, thank you!

Publicado por drink_more_water hace 5 meses

ahh dang, i even had this written down elsewhere, i'm definitely interested in future events!

Publicado por lo-am hace 5 meses

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