02 de agosto de 2022

No IDs on my observations

I have been posting quite a few observations on this site but no one has been adding an identification to my observations. I’ve been identifying other observations and using tags to put my observations out there but no one is identifying them. I talked to some people about this and they suggested that everyone is one vacation since it’s summer.

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08 de marzo de 2019

White Goose

Near 6-11 and Almshouse Road near Doylestown, Pennsylvania, a flock of Canada geese is often accompanied by a white goose. It could be a snow goose, a feral domestic goose, or leucistic Canada goose.

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13 de febrero de 2019

Observations of Captive Zoo Animals

Can we add observations of captive zoo animals. I notice this website has a staggering amount of wild animals but few zoo animals. If we add animals we see in zoo exhibits, we can add new animals to iNaturalist.

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