22 de diciembre de 2020

First pass through Canada

I completed my first pass through observations from Eastern Canada today, with Prince Edward Island providing the 15,000th observation in the Eastern Seaboard project! The identify tool lets me find Mollusca from a given province. I flag the marine ones as 'live", "dead" or "cannot be determined" to pull them into our project, since we require something in that field.

Non-marine observations I identify to family if I can do that easily. Marine I often identify to genus or species, but I sometimes don't contradict observations that are in the right ball park. For example, Mytilidae, Mytilus, Mytilus edulis, Mytilus trossulus I leave as is, although I think the correct identification to use is Mytilus edulis complex. I've also left oysters alone for the most part, just saying Ostreidae or Ostreoidea.

I'm keeping track of some taxa to check out on a second pass, for instance, all Western Atlantic identifications in iNaturalist of Limecola balthica are probably Limecola petalum. The former does occur in Canada, but only from Gulf and St. Lawrence and north.

I've also made it through the United States, Maine through Florida in similar fashion, so only the Gulf coast remains. I'll give another update then.

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