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01 de junio de 2017

Taxonomic backbones for Europe (plus some others...)

Hi everyone! Over the last months, a recurring theme has been the adoption of external taxonomic authorities for the European (= West Palaearctic) region.

This post is meant as an open discussion forum for the – mostly European – iNat community to come up with a set of taxonomic authorities suited for the region, which could then go into the relevant section of the Curator Guide.

@kueda @loarie let us know if there are certain requirements that an external authority should, or has to, fulfil.

So here's my initial suggestion open for discussion:

Plants of Europe: the Euro+Med PlantBase (where treatment is complete), otherwise falling back to the PlantList.

European animals not covered by taxon-specific global lists (eg birds, amphibians, reptiles, spiders...): Fauna Europaea

In addition to the question of taxonomic authorities with a European focus, I'm also adding a bunch of suggestions for other regions and / or taxa:

Plants of Africa + Madagascar: African Plant Database

Lepidoptera (only moths, and excluding butterflies) of Africa: AfroMoth

Global Orthoptera list: Orthoptera Species File

I'm tagging a bunch of users into this post who I think might be interested and hope this doesn't feel like spam. If you don't want to follow this discussion, I think you should be able to unsubscribe from this post.

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