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09 de septiembre de 2019

Use Duplicate instead of uploading multiple copies of a photo that has multiple observations in it

I scuba dive and frequently have a photo of a school of fish. The fish in the school might all be the same or not, and fish that school together often appear very similar. So either I have a picture with one species or many species.

🐠 If I think they're all the same species, I post the photo and explain in the Notes/Description that I think they're all the same and to please correct me if they're not.

If someone suggests they're multiple species, I:

  1. Duplicate the observation. That photo is now referenced by 2 observations.
  2. Identify which species I want to ID in each observation. Sometimes you can just explain in the text of each observation like I did in this pair of observations:

    Sometimes you need to circle them in copies of the photo and add a marked photo to each observation. I can't find an example of this scenario.

This doesn't allow me to record how many fish are in the school in a searchable way, like would be possible if I made an observation for each fish regardless of species. It also doesn't allow me to mark attributes like adult versus juvenile, male versus female, and so on, if the photo contains a mix. But I don't care about that. If someone does care, they can ask me.

🐠 If I think a photo contains multiple species, I do it similarly:

If I think iNat users will be confused, like if I want to identify a camouflaged fish on a colorful sponge, I create an observation for one of them, duplicate it, and then add a closeup of the transparent fish as the first photo to the fish's observation. I also include an explanation in the sponge's observation that the observation is the sponge.

Check out this example:

🐠 In coral reef photos, there are often many species. Here's a photo where I got carried away and created many observations. The duplicated photo links to all the associated observations:

(Based on my reply to an iNat forum question)

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